miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016


Explore new markets
ExtPAC sets up distribution networks at the worlds markets
Manufacturers or suppliers benefit from today’s global economy when they offer their products in various markets. In doing so appropriate markets with positive sales perspectives should be selected for the products concerned. In certain regions or countries an article can achieve great success, in others the results are completely different.
The reasons may vary and could be many. Different fashions, technical circumstances, competition with unique local products or, often the appropriate local sales approach is failing. ExtPAC initially offers the opportunity for a free study of the sales opportunities of the product to be distributed on selected markets. ExtPAC offers a wide range of potential markets around the world. From more than 150 elements a supplier can create his individual structure to examine the chances of success at selected markets. These range from the creation of a network of distributors, open offshore bank accounts and cover virtually everything required for a beneficial new business.
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