viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016


Germany represents the largest market in Western Europe and as a member of the united European market implies the absence of barriers to exports from another member state, as is the case in Spain.
Millions of Germans visit Spain each year what it brings to know our products when they are here.
This situation avoids the efforts and difficulties of an extensive publicity and marketing of the product needed introducing it to a new market. Another advantage is that many famous tourist destinations themselves have become a well-known brand. If for example you want to sell in Germany an article that says "Made in Mallorca" doors are open since Mallorca is a well-known brand already.
ExtPAC will make a free prognosis of the export potential of your product. And once established the feasibility will create the necessary distribution networks. 150 elements are available to cover all the needs for the operation leading to a great sales success all over the country.
Contact us or ask us to do your trusted advisor.

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