viernes, 27 de abril de 2018

Ayudas - Subvenciones

Son muchas las ayudas y subvenciones disponibles. Tanto para empresas, emprendedores como particulares. Ayudas para empezar empezar un negocio, para el alquiler, rentas y ayudas sociales, para fachadas, por contratar trabajadores de determinados colectivos, etc. etc.
Muchas veces estas ayudas no se piden simplemente porque no se sabe que existan o no se sabe cuando o como pedirlas.
Si necesitas información o ayuda para gestionar tus ayudas o subvenciones contacta con el Gabinete Iuris Ponce, arriba de la página.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2018

Brain Pill

Introducing Brain Pill

Brain Pill is a natural cognitive booster. You can also call it a nootropic and, OK, fine, a smart pill. If you take Brain Pill, you’ll have better memory, because it’s formulated with high-impact natural ingredients that encourage better blood circulation in the brain and help establish paths in your brain responsible for short and long-term memory.
In particular, Brain Pill is designed to help mental alertness and fight memory loss. That alone is a big deal because the latter is a huge problem after we hit 40. Memory loss tends to get worse with time and is a lonely road to travel.
But what about these rumors of Brain Pill being a natural Limitless pill? Well, among other things, Brain Pill is designed to help working memory – that’s your short-term memory – which scientists argue is a better litmus test for intelligence than IQ.
Having a high IQ just means you know how to ace a test. A good memory means your cognitive functions are firing on all cylinders.
In other words, Brain Pill really can make you more intelligent. Those rumors of it being a smart pill are valid.

Why People Use It

Folks are snatching up Brain Pill because it helps their memory. That’s got a million applications. It can help you remember where you put your keys, for example, or have faster recall of facts on an exam. That’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg, though, because the Brain Pill formula is like rocket fuel for your brain, and has exciting applications that might change your life.

Some of the more common reasons folks buy Brain Pill include:

Better Memory – The obvious reason people love Brain Pill is because it helps memory. That might help you remember someone’s name, for example. Or quickly retrieve key facts at work.
Boost Intelligence – Better memory means your brain has better cognitive and executive function. Yes, you really can take a pill and get more intelligent.
Be More Productive – Remember in Limitless when Eddie Morra wrote that novel in just 3 days? You may not hit those levels with Brain Pill but you’ll certainly get a lot more done.
Learn New Skills – Also like our favorite Bradley Cooper character from a movie that isn’t The Hangover, you may learn new skills when you take Brain Pill.
Fight Brain Fog – Ah brain fog…is there anything else that kills productivity with such reliable ad nauseum? The good news is Brain Pill fights brain fog and brings your top game. Get that brain fog outta here!
Tune Out Distractions – This is an extension of what we’ve already talked about. Brain Pill is poetry for your productivity at work or school, and when you need to focus on one thing at a time.

Use Brain Pill For Your Memory and Cognitive Skills

Most folks buy Brain Pill to boost their memory. That’s what it’s designed for, with clinically studied natural ingredients like Cognizin and Huperzia Serrata, which show huge promise for memory, brain function and their ability to keep it on its tippy-toes.
The memory benefits of Brain Pill alone separate it from other so-called cognitive boosters.
But it’s those other benefits of Brain Pill that really make it awesome. Yes, you know the one you’re thinking about. Brain Pill will make you more intelligent. Call it a natural Limitless pill if you like, the end result is it’ll help make you smart.
Is that what you’re looking for? Then Buy BrainPill Now!

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martes, 3 de abril de 2018

Micro Cooperativas

Las microcooperativas ya están presentes en algunas comunidades con gran éxito y en otras, como Baleare, su legislación está en estudio.
Pueden ser constituidas por sólo dos participantes y su tramitación y puesta en marcha es simplificada.
Destacar que las cooperativas pueden ser de responsabilidad limitada, con las ventajas que esto significa para la salvaguarda del patrimonio personal de sus miembros. Una ventaja que no tienen las comunidades de bienes en las que sus socios responden con todo su patrimonio.
La asesoría y gestoría Iuris Ponce, ver arriba, te asesora al respecto.